Peet van der Walt and his team have been in the flooring and construction business since 2004. For many years we have beautified clients properties with cementitious floor and wall finishes. In 2009 we also started installing Epoxy and Polyurethane systems on industrial, commercial, residential, automotive and storage floors. In the latter half of 2017 we discovered a new product called: Metallic Epoxy which is seamless flooring system that provides a unique and decorative three dimensional finish which incorporates reflective pigments with metallic effects. It is very popular in the USA and growing more and more popular locally. It is ideal for restaurants, shops, clubs, houses, showrooms and many more. For these projects, we are trading as ONYX EPOXY COATERS under the company. 

Under NW Construction Chemicals (PTY) Ltd (founded in 2012) we supply construction chemicals for the building-, woodworking-, printing-, upholstery-, water proofing trades and many more. Our most popular products are: joint selants, backing cords, book binders glue, hot melt adhesives, upholstry and wood glues, floor sealants, all water proofing products like torch-on, acryllic and cementitious types, aluminium paints, bituminious products, packaging adhesives, polyurethane adhesives, cleaners and solvents.